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The #1 choice for sign kits and inks! Over 20 brilliant colors in water based, permanent, or our unbelievably bright fluorescent ink! We have the perfect choice for whatever your needs may be, indoors or out!

Graphic Design water based ink is available in 20 colors that are among the most vibrant watercolors on the market. For indoor sign making these inks are perfect. Design Marker's water based ink is odorless, will not bleed through paper, is totally non-flammable, and cleans up with a damp cloth on most non-porous surfaces. Banners dry quickly and can be laminated to make them waterproof.

Graphic Design permanent ink also comes in 20 brilliant colors. Perfect for cheerleaders, retail and grocery stores, or anyone who needs outdoor banners. Our permanent ink is instant drying and waterproof. No waiting around for signs to dry, just make them and hang them up! Or roll up and store for future use.

Graphic Design fluorescent ink is available in 4 super bright shades of yellow, pink, lime, and orange. It's so bright you'll need shades and glows in the dark under a black light! Perfect for proms, parties, and super pep rallies!

Chromark Sign Kits

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Chromark inks & brushes are versatile. Use them to create elegant text & borders in minutes. Chromark ink wells are refillable & require no clean up. The inks are fast drying, non toxic, wash out of fabrics, and are easy to clean from floors, tables, and other surfaces. Inks have minimal odor and can be reconstituted with water. Brushes have inexpensive replaceable felt tips.

Chromark ink & brushes are good quality and have many uses in the schools. For use in art classes, clubs, athletics, and any activity that requires signs, posters and decorations. Businesses love them too for quick signs & posters.